23th November - 13th December 2003 , Eva and David Tihon, Czech Republic dave@oneorchid.com

Do you want to know where TOBAGO is ?»

Coconut palmtrees

Eva in red V.

Pigeon Point 2

Pigeon Point pier 2

Pigeon Point

Warning- will be raining

Raining (Pigeon Point)

Fishing on the pier

Yes,it's true-Pigeon Point

Eva in red

Pigeon children

Eva in red VI.

Pigeon Point pier

Shadow (Pigeon Point)
Pigeon Point (north end)
Parrot on the pier

Boat and sunset

Beach Dog

Sunset (Pigeon Point)


Pigeon Point - north

Glassbottom boat

Bananaquit and Stag

Blue-gray Tanager

Church (Milford Road)

Moravian Church

Milford Road

Hot Roti(Milford Road)

Cafe.. (Milford Road)

Little House(BonAccord)
Arnos Vale bay
Sunset (Arnos Vale Bay)
Green copper Hummingbird Green copper Hummingbird Green copper Hummingbird Raining in Castara, Tobago

Young man in Bucco

Rasta (Store Bay)

What? (Store bay)

Anthony in rear mirror
Our breakfast -papaya, Coconut Inn Hotel garden from balcony (Coconut Inn)
Coconut Inn hotel


Atlantic coast ,Tobago

Argyle Waterfall

Blue Crowned MotMot
Argyle Waterfalls (highest part)
Our friend Dave ( Argyle Falls) Going from the school (Scarborough) Waiting for a Taxi (Scarborough) Tillandsia sp.-mangrove swamps near Buccoo
Butterfly (Englishman's bay) Englishman's bay,afternoon Englishman's bay(North end) Orange winget Parrots (Sunset Valley)

Rainbow(Englishman's bay)

Sunset Valley

Castara falls
Near Castara falls- sitting on the rainforest bench
Englishman's bay from Mom's bed and breakfast Sunset Valley (Mom's Bed and Breakfast)
Heliconia (Castara)

Raining in Castara Bay
Cascreole (Castara) Castara Bay Castara Bay 2 Fishermen in Castara
Seine is pulled (Castara) Fishing, Castara Fishing II., Castara Fishing III. , Castara
Pelicans (Castara)
Castara Bay in rain

Castara (Little Bay)

Castara III.
Boat House Restaurant (Castara) Blue Mango Cottages (Castara) Blue Gray Tanager (Castara) Entrance to Main Ridge (forest reserve)

Rain Forest-Gilpin Trail

Flower (Forest Res.)
Rain Forest flora

Epiphytes (Parlatuvier)
Green Parrotlet South of Charlotteville Charlotteville Pirates Bay (Ch'ville)
FortCampbelton (Charlotteville.) Charlotteville II. Pier in Charlotteville Charlotteville III.
Do you want some fruits? (Charlotteville) Hotel Top River Pearl in Charloteville Raining in the night (Charlotteville) View from Top River Pearl hotel (Ch'ville)

Cocoa pods

Little boy ( Ch'ville)

Young lady (Ch'ville)

Jacamar (Charlotteville)

Orchids on tree

Bromelia sp.

Epiphyte Tree (Ch'ville)

St.Giles ( Flagstaff Hill)

Dimerandra sp.(orchid) Waves Sunset in Pirate's Bay Sun beams

Beach in Charlotteville

Eva in red II

Eva in red III.

Eva in red IV.

Eva in white

Sunset at Pigeon Point



Speyside from viewpoint
Rasta and Eva (Speyeside) TT dollars (1USD = 5.9 TTD) Barber Salon (Crown Point)

Pigeon Point leaf
Store Bay Eva (Pigeon Point) Eva (Pigeon Point) II.

Eva in red VII. Eva (Pigeon Point) III. Spider on palm (10cm)

Pelicans and Gulls

From Pigeon to Store Bay Cattle Egret (Bon Accord) Rescue Man in cayac- Pigeon Poin

Happiness.. (Pigeon Point)
This page is dedicated to Eva and to hotel staff of Coconut Inn Hotel (Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord, Tobago, WI) above all Anne , Dave and Anthony . Thanks for everything ! We wish to be in Tobago again!

Monitor calibrating bar

.:::: All photos copyright© by David Tihon ::::.


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